Legal Aid


Much of our litigation practice involves a government action. Whether a Qui Tam or whistleblower case, a licensure defense, or a government audit/investigation, we focus on maneuvering efficiently on your behalf through these potentially administratively heavy investigations.

While government agency matters can indeed be more complex and time consuming, our firm’s strategy is a competitive advantage – we believe that an early aggressive position increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for you. Contacting our firm early in the process is critical.

Our firm works hard to influence the expeditious handling and prioritization of your case within the agency bureaucracy. Our government side experience works for you to plot an efficient resolution to cases that many times appear to crawl without. 

We work with you and represent you through the steps of investigation, pleadings and discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. Whenever possible, our efforts avoid litigation if negotiating a resolution is advisable. 

If you have been contacted regarding a potential civil matter, please give The Silva Law Firm a call.