Legal Advice


Chances are, if you've practiced long enough, you or a colleague knows of someone in the industry that has been pulled into a suit involving a whistleblower alleging fraudulent billing through Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Department of Defense or other public health programs.

Our firm specializes in False Claims Act and Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act Qui Tam defense litigation. Due to our Texas civil prosecution background, our firm claims a unique advantage in understanding the methods and tactics which government investigators and prosecutors use to pursue Qui Tam cases. We take the lead on your subpoena and civil investigation demand process, discovery, settlement negotiation, trial or whistleblower (relator) reward evaluations.

Through our compliance program assistance, we work with you to establish strong procedures which help reduce the risk of triggering a whistleblower complaint. Many times, our proactive steps help you address staff grievances early which if left unaddressed may turn into allegations.

If you are being investigated for healthcare fraud, you should immediately seek legal advice from The Silva Law Firm.