We focus our practice on defending medical professionals against allegations of healthcare fraud.

Recent changes in Federal Law have enhanced the government’s investigative toolbox for ferreting out potential healthcare fraud. A new task force is in place armed with new software and with expanded time and resources. Government prosecutors may seek tens of millions in damages, years in prison, and forfeiture of assets.Civil Investigative Demand/Subpoena.

If you are a medical provider who already received a Civil Investigative Demand or Subpoena from the government - you should immediately consult with The Silva Law Firm. Our practice is focused on advising medical professionals in all areas of their practice. We have an insight into the functions and tactics of the government due to our prosecutorial background - a unique insight to help you defend against the various government agencies that investigate healthcare fraud. 

Many times, the manner in which you respond to a Civil Investigative Demand or Subpoena, and the overall completeness of you patient files is the key to quicker investigations and less involvement by the government. Documents provided to the government that point to poor administrative habits within the office could trigger more requests, a vendor hold on reimbursements, suspension of the provider's Medicare or Medicaid number, allegation of overpayments, or even criminal prosecution.

Records Review

A successful administrative review by our firm could remove the provider from the government's radar. Thus, our firm works with you to organize your records in a way that is helpful to the government which then reduces your practice’s liability. We can advise you on how to follow a best practice administrative process whether you are a doctor, ambulance company, pharmacist, hospital, clinic etc. 

We can also help advise on various training programs for your staff that will ensure inaccurate billing, file mismanagement, and other administrative concerns are detected and managed early before concerns arise with the government. 

Having a Silva Law Firm attorney on your side can make the difference. Contact our firm today.

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